Finding a Tutor

Published by Sonali Sarkar

Published on 12/04/2023

I came across a mother saying, i am not getting any good teacher for my child to teach Violin to her daughter online.Then some more talks and another mom says, do you know of any good teacher for Ballet? These questions are a common discussion topics when there is a gathering. I wonder where are the good teachers? Are there any or all are too busy to take any more classes.

Doing a simple search can help you show hundresds and hundreds of teachers available online. But why do they charge a bomb? why can not they offer classes at affordable prices?  This is a problem and needs a solution. Why can we not procure affordable teaching to learners of all ages?

I feel, there has to be a platform where this is made possible. Find a tutor at affordable price is what i feel is the need of the hour. Thank you Hobbynes for allowing me to blog about it. I wish to write more and will come back soon :)


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