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1. What is Hobbynes?

Hobbynes is an International Learning and sharing platform. The company enables people to pursue or share their hobbies from the comfort of their home, at the time and pace of their choosing, from anywhere across the universe with a good internet connection. It specializes in offering wonderful yet simple hobbies from around the world to people of all ages, with a strong focus on developing useful skills in kids, through our platform. We enable people pursue or share their cherished/unique hobbies by unshackling the mental and physical boundaries of space, time, age, culture, gender or geography. Our mission is to bring back the fun element in all hobbies. We intend to bring popular hobbies from around the world to a single global platform for easier access to everyone. We want to become ‘the’ platform for everyone who wants to enjoy a new hobby, by connecting them to a specialist from our panel of experts. We also offer academic courses for those who are interested in it.

2. What is the age group for registering?

We believe that hobbies should not be limited to kids only. So we offer hobby classes which caters to all age groups of people. We would love if your grandmother registers to learn Italian cooking or you register to learn knitting.

3. Do I need a membership?

Goodnews! We do not have any memberships. If you want to join a class, you register and pay for that particular class and you are all set!

4. How do I register for a class as a student?

If you are a student then first register as a student and then login to your profile and click on the class to register. You will then be directed to payment page and after payment you will be enrolled. You will get an email confirmation once you are enrolled.

5. How do I register for a class as a teacher?

If you are a teacher and wish to register as a teacher on our platform then kindly follow the following steps. 1. Register as a Teacher and submit the form 2. Once we receive you’re your application, we go through the application and if approved, you will get an email about successful registration as a teacher from us. 3. After you get an email, Login to your account and create a class and submit it for approval. 4. Once approved by Hobbynes team, the class will go live on the Home page.

6. What if I am not able to attend a class?

Most of your classes are group classes. We understand that it may so happen that you are not able to attend a scheduled future class. In that case, you need to inform your teacher via messaging system about your absence at least 2 days in advance. If you are the only student in the batch then the teacher will reschedule the class to a mutually agreed time between the student and the teacher. If there are more students in the batch then it will not be possible to reschedule hence it beneficial that you do not miss a class.

7. Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, Please see our refund policy page for this.

8. Where are you registered?

We have our registered address in Gurgaon, India

9. Can I teach on Hobbynes?

We seek for teachers who are passionate and experienced in the artform that they teach. We believe in sharing our culture and various art forms from around the world. We welcome classes on all subjects like online classes for learning Piano, Guitar, Hindustani classical music, learn Hindi language, Yoga, Vedic math and chess. So, if you think you are well versed in any of the above then we welcome you to teach online.

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