Class Teacher: Katrina Dcosta

Class Level: Beginner


About this class:

The piano is a stringed keyboard instrument in which the strings are struck by wooden hammers that are coated with a softer material. The piano’s ancestry traces back to several instruments, including the harpsichord and the monochord. When you press the white and black keys, a small hammer strikes the internal metal strings producing the sound. The Piano is Classified as a String and Percussion Instrument.

This Piano course is for Beginners and will teach you:

  • Understanding the piano
  • Basic musical concepts
  • Playing techniques
  • Simple rhythms

About the teacher:

Hi! I am Kristine and living in London, UK. I have always been passionate about Music and combined with my love for being able to teach people I am pursuing my career as a Piano teacher. I am classical concert Pianist and playing Piano for last 10 years.

Experience: 10 years

Education: I am Trinity Level 4 Certified for Music Educators (Trinity CME). It is designed for music educators for teaching children or adults, beginners or advanced students.

Work Details: Full time Educator

Class curriculum



  • You will need a Piano.
  • A Laptop or iPad for online classes
  • Need to practice



These will be Individual classes


Every Wednesday for 1 month at 8 pm IST

  • Non-recurring payment
  • Flexible classes
  • Free cancellations *
Katrina Dcosta
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