Guitar Kids Individual April

Class Teacher: Nikhil Srivastava

Class Level: Beginner


Guitar is one of the most interesting and versatile instrument ever created. I truly believe that because it can be used to perform as a lead, can be used in a band, can be used as an accompaniment, multiple gnres can be played on the instrument from basic Happy birthday to western pop, western classical to hindustani ragas or carnatic music. Apart from the above, even the basic knowledge of the instrument sometimes is enough to create music!!!

My classes are specifically designed for kids for them to start enjoying the instrument and play some simple stuff in a good way. Kids progress gradually through some exercises that helps them to develop dexterity in their fingers. Same exercises later result in them ending up playing songs, where all the magic happens!!! 

Once kids have finished minimum 1 year of learning with me, we can look at preparing for guitar exams like London College of Music, MTB, Trinity and Rockschool

Duration of the class: 60min

Starting date: 1st April, 2024

Frequency: Once a week

Timings: Flexible(subject to agreement of all the students in the batch)

Class type: Solo class(can become group class later subject to more students joining)

Demo class: Available

Class curriculum

For a student to play music on the instrument, minimum 1 year of study is required. Below are some of the things we focus on during the first few years that help them progress through the beginner level:


Open string note picking: tablature reading

Tab reading, Alternate picking

One finger chords using downstrum: some songs

Full shape open chords using downstrum: some songs

Tunes using all 4 fingers and across 6 strings and frets

Staff notation reading 

Strumming focus upstroke 8 beat

C Major scale focus across the fretboard

Exploring singing with guitar


Minor scales

Transposing major scales

Dom7th/mini barre/min7th/maj7th chords songs

Strumming focus upstroke 8 beat/16 beat songs/triplet

Fingerstyle songs

Notes on fretboard 

More plectrum tunes

Staff notation

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€ 65
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  • Flexible classes
  • Free cancellations *
Nikhil Srivastava
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I am a London College of Music certified guitar instructor and also have a certification of Music Pedagogy from Furtados which is India's biggest and oldest music school and instrument selling retaile ... Read More