Vedic Maths Basic crash course April

Class Teacher: Kirti Kadam

Class Level: Beginner


About the class:

Vedic Maths or Vedic Mathematics is a collection of Methods or Sutras to solve numerical computations quickly and faster. It consists of 16 Sutras called Formulae and 13 sub-sutras called Sub Formulae, which can be applied to the solving of problems in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, conics, etc.

Vedic math is a powerful technique that can help you solve mathematical problems in a much shorter amount of time than the conventional method. You will learn the basics of Vedic maths, for Beginners, such as how to memorize simple formulas and how to approach various types of problems with ease.Sharpens your mind, increases mental agility and intelligence. exceptional results.

About the Teacher:

My name is Kirti Kadam and i am a Vedic Maths certified, Abacus trained and a Phonics trainer.I have 6 years of experience.

Qualifications: Bachelors in engineering, Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCEd)

Class Date: Starts April 2024 ,various batch timings

Class curriculum

Pre -requisites : Kids should know tables 2 to 9 , and basics of multiplication.

Course : This Course is for Grade 3 and above.

Course duration:  This is a basic crash course for kids  to know what is vedic math and how it can be applied to the regular school exams , competitive exams etc.

Sessions : This course is only for 8 sessions ( those students who are still keen to learn further Vedic maths methods from basic can join the other course which will be for beginners. Twice a week Maximum. 


Class Type: These are Group Classes.  However at the beginning of the month, the class starts even if one student is there. For one on one class, the fees will be different.

Time : Time will be allotted according to the time zone .



Creating of tables, balancing concept.

Addition of single digits by dash method.

multiplication by 1series (case1) and 101.

multiplication by 9 series.

criss cross ( 2digit by 2 digit only)


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Kirti Kadam
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