Foundation Chess starting 7 April

Class Teacher: Sachin Rathi

Class Level: Beginner


Chess is one of the oldest and most popular board games. It is played by two opponents on a checkered board with specially designed pieces of contrasting colours, commonly white and black. The objective of the game is to capture the opponent's king.

The history of chess can be traced back nearly 1,500 years to its earliest known predecessor, called chaturanga in India; its prehistory is the subject of speculation. From India it spread to Persia, where it was modified in terms of shapes and rules and developed intoShatranj. The game evolved roughly into its current form by about 1500 CE.

About Me:

Chess is my passion and i love to impart this knowledge to the younger generations. I have taken over 3500+ classes and more than 1500+ students have enrolled in my classes. In my teaching methods, I using real life stories that kids understand and celebrate while learning them. At the end of every class, we leave each of our student with great learning satisfaction through lot of fun.

I take the Foundation classes for chess. There are also Level 2 and advanced levels for chess classes which a child can take once he finishes the Foundation level.

Variety of options to choose from when it comes to time. I have many batches going on. if you have any specific requirement or time constraint, you can message on Hobbynes Whatsapp number +919289 554438 and request for more options.

Class curriculum

The group classes are designed in such a manner that there is lot of interaction from each child along with solving chess puzzles, deciding moves and also tournaments with Podium winners.

Class Days: Thu, Sat and Sun

Timings in IST-     7-8 pm IST

Timings in CET-  3:30 pm-4:30 pm

Total number of classes: 10 classes spread over 3.5 weeks

Class type: Group

Kindly note that these are group classes hence the policy of Free cancellations and rescheduling will not be relevant here. We can of course provide links to recorded sessions, with proper consent, if a child misses the classes due to unforeseen circumstances. It is advisable not to miss any classes as it is fun environment and you learn by playing.

Foundation classes( Level 1) :

Key Topics:

  • Fundamental of Chess
  • Special Moves
  • Opening principles
  • Introduction to Middle game startegies
  • Basic endgames
  • Puzzles



Show prices in:

₹ 3500
£ 50
Kr 550
€ 55
  • Non-recurring payment
  • Flexible classes
  • Free cancellations *
Sachin Rathi
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With over 8 years of teaching experience, Chess is more than just a passion; it's my hobby Throughout my journey, I've conducted over 3500 chess classes, sharing the intricacies of the game with more ... Read More